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What is Hydrotherapy and how does it work?


Hydrotherapy uses the aid of warm water which helps to soothe muscles and

provide pain relief by facilitating the movement of the limbs in a semi-buoyant

environment. This means there is less impact going through affected joints

allowing gentle and controlled exercise to help build strength.



Buoyancy helps to lessen the impact and pressure going through the joints,

allowing ambulation with increased active range of motion and reduced pain.



Our water is heated to 31 degrees, a proven therapeutic temperature for soothing and relaxing muscles.


Hydrostatic Pressure

Aids blood circulation, passing nutrients and oxygen around the body to encourage healing, leading to a reduction in inflammation and oedema.



Buoyancy and viscosity increase response time, therefore a chance to correct their own balance. Building confidence, aiding repair of neural pathways and gaining a quicker return to normal function.



Resistance helps to increase muscle mass and function, delivering better quality land-based exercises and helping to

protect the joints.



The movement of water around the proprioceptor neurons helps to improve self-movement and body position.



Dogs on cage rest or restricted exercise routines can be stimulated without overloading their joints. It also

provides opportunity for weight loss and improved cardiovascular fitness.

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